About Dr. Nyberg


Dr. Nyberg

  Dr. Nyberg is American trained.  He attended university at Stanford University in California and completed postgraduate training at University of California, San Francisco.  He was former Professor of Radiology and clinical Professor of Obstetrics/ Gynecology at the University of Washington. 

He has written 3 major medical textbooks, and over 150 peer reviewed journal articles.  He has spoken at hundreds of medical CME meetings, and helped teach hundreds of specialists and technologists in his field.  He established fetal and women's clinics in Arizona and continues to help obstetric and gynecologic offices there who believe in the very best care for their patients.   Dr. Nyberg set up and helps run a women's clinic at the Medical Chambers in London.  Dr. Nyberg has taken special interest in women's issues related to gynaecology, obstetric ultrasound, and prenatal genetic testing.  He was one of the first to offer fetal DNA testing in America, and continues to offer a full range of fetal DNA testing options at the Medical Chambers.  Dr. Nyberg strongly believes in the freedom of patient choice which is only possible with patient education, and empowering patients with real actionable information.  In addition to helping teach physicians, Dr. Nyberg helps educate patients through websites and blogs.  

This educational site is simply a public service to help educate everyone, but especially women (who typically educate their partner and family regarding medical advice). 

You may reach Dr. Nyberg by email at DrNyberg@YourWomensClinic.com  He is happy to accept direct messages and help where possible.